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In the lead up to the premiere of ARCTIC AIR Adam was doing a lot of press. He managed to grab an eight minute segment on the CBC National News with Peter Mansbridge. I was able to get a clip of it plus screencaps. I wasn’t able to grab the short that was on the National’s website where Adam mentioned his favourite scene from the pilot. It happened to be the one where Bobby and Krista (Pascale Hutton) were sitting by the lake talking about nature. Also, I’m in the process of getting the screencaps of the first five episodes done. While I did plan on posting the full episodes, I’ve decided to do that after the series ends. For now the interview with Adam where he talks about his career and his life including missing his parents, talking about ARCTIC AIR and there is also a bit with Adam’s kids Luke, Noah and Phoenix. Adam also discussed his plans on visiting the Attawapiskat community where the Native populations live in squallid conditions. Also discussed was Adam’s intervention in the proposed pipeline that would run through Native lands to provide the Chinese ready made oil from the tar sands in Canada.


Well isn’t ARCTIC AIR really heating up? I loved Vancouver Is Such A Screwed Up City. Adam did an amazing job with it…as always. For the most part it was a funny episode. Loved Timothy Webber as Cece and his karaoke in the kilt. So funny. I also loved Steven Lobo as Dev. Too funny. Didn’t you feel for Bobby? I did. He finds out his ex isn’t pregnant with his child afterall and when it looks like he will finally be able to admit his feelings for Krista (Pascale Hutton) she goes and breaks his heart. I’m sad for Bobby. Anyway here is the promo for the next episode, E1X08 The Professional. Enjoy.

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