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I was able to get the video of Adam presenting at the 32 Annual Genie Awards plus screencaps. I’m having difficulties uploading the video to the media site. For now here are the screencaps. I wanted to give both to you but …. He was first up, presenting the award for Best Achievement In Acting in a Supporting Role. The award went to another of my faves Viggo Mortensen for his role of Dr. Sigmund Freud in A Dangerous Method. I have Viggo’s full acceptance speech because he was so cute. When I can upload I’ll re-edit this post. Please be patient.

Edited 03/12/2012: Still no word as to when I might be able to add the clip to the media site. Still waiting.

Edited 01/01/2012: Finally, the clip I’ve been promising you. Adam at the Genie Awards.

Adam appeared in Canadian director Neil Diamond’s documentary REEL INJUN that aired on the premiere CBC magazine show The Passionate Eye. The documentary focused in on the perception of the First Nations peoples as they’ve been depicted in the films of Hollywood. It is an interesting view on a grossly misrepresented segment of society who Adam states in the documentary:

“We’ll never be able to change the fantasy of who and what Indians are. That fantasy will always be there, we will always be on the cover of novels saying ‘Cheyenne Warrior’!”

The clip will only include Adam’s portion. To view the entire film, please go to the CBC’s official site HERE and to read more on the film, go to the film’s Official Site. You might notice the set where Adam recorded his portion. It’s the 16th Precinct from LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT where Adam played the part of Detective Chester Lake for 21 episodes. Talk about the ultimate sterotyping of the Native American.


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