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NOTE: Unless you’re contacting me about the site or to donate something, then this is for you. I will reiterate I AM NOT Adam Beach. I do not know how to get a hold of him other than her social media links such as Twitter. If you want to send her a personal email I cannot get it to him. If you request a photo, I cannot provide that as this is a fansite dedicated to him, not his official site. I do not know how to get a personal email to him, so please do not send one through this contact form as it will not find its way to him. This contact form is solely to contact me, the webmaster of this site. This contact form is solely to either donate a magazine or newspaper scan, a photo, or an administrative issue. Again, this form is NOT Adam’s personal email. So once more, please do not use it to send a personal email to Adam because I cannot get it to him. If you do manage to write Adam, do not ask him for money. That is tacky and in bad form. I’m sorry to be blunt, but he is not a personal ATM nor should you consider him to be.

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