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I have this on some of my other sites and thought I’d start it here. I’m going to post the screencap of the week. Adam posted to his Twitter account about the KISS he had with Michelle Borth on his last episode of COMBAT HOSPITAL, so I thought I’d make that the event of the week. Enjoy.

Adam Beach as Snake Eater and Michelle Borth as Major Rebecca Gordon in the Shaw Media production COMBAT HOSPITAL, episode 1X11 - Brothers in Arms

According to the trades, COMBAT HOSPITAL won’t be back on ABC next year due to low ratings. This flies in the face of the Canadian ratings in which the show is doing quite well. Considering that this show is a Canada/Britain co-production, it doesn’t need the typical “Hollywood” backing to make it successful. I’m truly hoping Global (a subsidiary of Shaw Media) decides to go forward with a second season. It was also reported that the third episode featuring Adam’s character of Snake Eater, and we finally found out he has a real name in Joe suspects that a school for children is being used as an Taliban recruitment base, is not going to run on ABC. Dare I say that this show is far too controversial and far too telling of the realities of the war in Afghanistan? It also doesn’t show the Americans in a good light considering they interrogate children? Okay, off the soapbox. I’ll be back with the screencaps and clip from this later.

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