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I’ve added the new DREAMCATCHER press section with one article on Adam. It’s a must read. An excerpt of the article below the cut.


“That’s a past that I kind of keep to myself. I’ve dealt with it to a certain level, but when you have to reveal it again, it’s like breaking an egg and having to put it back together when the day’s done.”

Beyond this conversation, there’s no indication of Beach’s personal demons as he tours the set, cracking jokes and holding the hand of co-star Leah Gibson, who plays Candi Lussier, a front-desk clerk at the Frontier Hotel who is hoping one of the visiting businessmen might be her ticket out of Yellowknife – booming or not.

But he gets serious again when he talks about the heritage he shares with his character.

About the ARCTIC AIR media. I’ve been having computer problems for the past week. I’m hoping things are settled. I’m hoping to get the first five episodes done by the end of the weekend. Fingers crossed.

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